Gather a group together for a presentation on the Major Arcana in order to expand your knowledge of the Tarot. This can be done either in conjunction with a Tarotpy workshop on dream/life guidance, or presented on its own (single or series of courses).

Here is my the latest workshop at the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Berkeley, CA:

“Open the Gateway to your Inner Wisdom: A Tarot Dream Interpretation Workshop”

The Tarot is a gateway between inner wisdom and the waking self, whereby you can obtain more clarification on your dreams. This metaphysical tool allows the subconscious to communication through imagery, symbolism, synchronicity and significance. The workshop includes: a mythology of the Major Arcana and a hands-on technique for dreamwork.

Workshop Abstract:

The Tarot can be utilized as an additional method of dream analysis thus opening a gateway between one’s inner wisdom and waking self. The Tarot, especially the Major Arcana, is a pictorial mythology that represents humanity’s journey. It allows for the subconscious to continue communication with the dreamer during an awakened state through imagery, symbolism, synchronicity and the significance of the cards. The images of both dreams and the Major Arcana are archetypal in nature and connect one to the thread of Consciousness.

The didactic portion of the workshop will begin by sharing the “Mythology of the Major Arcana of the Tarot”. It will provide the audience information on symbols and meanings of the cards that will aid them in interpreting dreams. The interactive workshop will then be divided into two portions. The first part of the workshop will focus on the dream interpretation of one participant with an interactive group discussion, thereby showing the attendees an example of using the Tarotpy method. After the live example, the attendees will divide into groups of 2 and use the method with each other, selecting 2 – 3 cards each to help analyze a dream (30% didactic / 70% workshop).

The Tarotpy© method will be used with the Tarot to analyze the participant’s dreams. Vastly different from traditional tarot readings, Tarotpy puts the process in to the hands of dreamers. The dreamer chooses the deck/s to use. They choose what the layout will look like and what the placements will mean. They touch the cards to intuit which ones will give them the information requested. This hands-on approach can lead to synchronicities in choices and gives the dreamer a tool to directly communicate with the Conscious thread of infinite knowledge.


Learning Objective:

  1. Participants will learn a method of using visual imagery on cards to further explore and gain insight on a dream.
  2. Participants will learn the skills to practice developing their intuitive abilities in order to interpret symbolic and archetypal imagery.
  3. Participants will learn a step-by-step method of creating a layout to analyze their dreams using the Tarot.


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