What is Tarotpy©?

Tarotpy©, pioneered by Lauren Z. Schneider, M.A., M.F.T., is a guided healing method using imagery to connect with your inner wisdom. It uses the ancient metaphysical tools of the Tarot, Dream and Soul decks to tap into the subconscious and reveal what you need to know. The cards reflect where you currently are in your life, where you are going and what you need. The word Tarotpy© is the combination of Tarot and therapy, that came out of a depth psychotherapy practice that got clients quickly to the heart of an issue (*please note that I am not a therapist*).


What does a Tarotpy session involve?

In a Tarotpy session, you are an active participant in the process. You decide what question you want to focus on, how many cards you need, what deck or decks you want to use, and create your own personal layout. By you selecting and creating a spread that is unique to you, you are connecting to your own inherent wisdom, allowing synchronicity to be apart of the creative play.

In the session, I will guide you through the process using my intuitive/psychic abilities, experience with the cards and knowledge of various aspects related to the cards. My goal is to empower you; encouraging you to look within yourself and the images to find the solution as I guide you through! Also as part of a Tarotpy session, we will do a quick two card pull from the Major Arcana to look at where you are in your individuation process.


Do I have to know about the Tarot to do a Tarotpy Session?

You DO NOT have to know the meaning of the cards or how to use them, in order to do a Tarotpy session! All you have to do is delve into the imagery on the cards that you select, much like you would analyze the meanings of the images in a dream. You will be looking at the IMAGE in the context of your question, so what a card means in general (from a book) may not apply to your unique layout. However if you do want to become more familiar with the Tarot, I also offer a presentation on the Major Arcana of the Tarot (see my pages on Workshops and Events for more info).


How do I choose a Tarot deck to use at home?

A lot of people ask me this question. The answer is: choose whatever deck, whether Soul, Dream or Tarot, that resonates with you. Heck, choose several! Having multiple decks can give you the advantage of selecting a deck that resembles a dream or the feeling of your day, as well as allowing you to use multiple decks in one layout. Buying decks that have artwork on every card tends to work smoother with this type of method of reading the imagery. However, if you prefer to use the more traditional Tarot decks for dreamwork, you can set aside the Minor Arcana that tends to only have pictures of staffs, swords, pentacles and cups, and just use the cards of the Major Arcana for the reading.


Did your Tarotpy session inspire a dream?

Did you know that working with the Tarot can increase the vividness and recall of your dreams? The imagery of the Tarot taps into the same source as your dreams. If you remember your dream the night after we do a life guidance session, I will do a quick dream interpretation session with you using the New DreamWork method. This can be done over the phone and takes about 45 minutes, for an additional fee. See if your dreams are confirming what we discussed the day before and providing insight towards your path.


If you would like to learn more about Tarotpy, click here to listen to me be interviewed on the Blogtalkradio show, “Living Life on Purpose” hosted by Suzanne Strisower.

If you would like to learn more about readings using the Major Arcana, click here to listen to the monthly FREE readings (for more info click on the Events page) on the Blogtalkradio show, “Your Life & Purpose Revealed” co-hosted by Suzanne Strisower and Kat O’Keefe-Kanavos.

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