Why interpret dreams?

Dreams are like short myths that we have each night, allowing us to be a character on a meaningful journey. Dreams too are packed full of symbols, archetypes and universal wisdom. Both dreams and the Tarot hold potent messages for maturation, individuation, and personal and planetary evolution.


Why the use the Tarot for dreamwork?

The Tarot enhances dreamwork, whether used individually or with a small group. The images can provide deeper insight into the dream. The beauty of the Tarot is that it is a pictorial mythology that represents the human journey through life. The Tarot contains archetypes motifs, and its imagery is rich with multiple layers of symbolism.

By using the Tarot to interpret dreams, one is able to connect with the source of wisdom in waking life. The Tarot allows for the subconscious to continue communication with the dreamer in an awakened state through imagery, symbolism, synchronicity and the significance of the cards. Thus it can deepen your dream analysis by providing an alternative way of communicating the message.


Do I have to know how to use Tarot in order to do dreamwork?

The best thing is you DO NOT have to know the meaning of the cards in order to do dreamwork! All you have to do is delve into the imagery on the cards that you select, much like you would analyze the meanings of the images directly in the dream. However with that said, the more familiar you become with the Tarot, the more that you can see how the universal archetypes are showing up in your dreams. I also offer a presentation on the Major Arcana of the Tarot if you want to learn more about the cards themselves.


What Tarot method is used for dreamwork?

The Tarotpy method is my method of choice when working with the Tarot. It allows the dreamer to create a layout that is personal to their dream, and puts the cards in the hands of the dreamer. Thus it increases the chance for synchronicity between your dreams and your life, putting the answers in your hands. Plus this is a method that you can learn to use at home, in addition to working with me.


What other methods do you use to interpret dreams?

As a certified New DreamWork Coach, I also use the New DreamWork Dream interpretation method, a distilling process using free association with your dream symbols. It is a highly effective and gets to the root of the deeper meaning for you. Thanks to my years of membership with International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), I also have a large tool box of other ways to interpret dreams at my disposal – for your benefit!


If you would like to know more about dreamwork, click here to listen to me be interviewed by the New DreamWork Founder, David Dibble.

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